New Website Launch

Today’s customers need to have a user friendly user experience across multiple electronic devices. Spendless Car Rentals are pleased to launch their new website. In conjunction with developers “Sites & Stores” and Rental Car Manager, the site will be easy to find across all devices. Providing a tailored search experience, no mater what you prefer to search, shop or research on.

For many people, the search preference is a Mobile phone. New larger buttons and direct dial features will definitely make it easier to stay in contact. For others, a desk top or tablet is their go to device. Faster loading speeds and visually enhanced pics will definitely make the new experience much easier. With faster links and more content, all your car rental questions and needs are just a click away.

Why not give it a go now? See how Spendless Car Rentals can help you with your next trip to glorious Melbourne!

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